St. Louis Center was featured as one of a dozen non-profit presenters at the annual Michigan Knights of Columbus State Convention held on Memorial Day weekend on May 28-29, 2021. As a result of COVID19, the annual live convention on Mackinac Island was canceled for the second year in a row, and the event pivoted from a live convention to a virtual convention. SLC staff successfully transitioned to a prerecorded Power Point video and a separate video presentation of Fr. Enzo Addari, CEO, presenting a Papal Blessing to Immediate Past State Deputy William Chasse’ and his wife Mary Beth.

St. Louis Center began as “St. Louis School for Exceptional Boys” when it was built on a 180 acre farmstead in Chelsea, MI in 1960. Due to the need for expanded facilities, the Knights of Columbus Hall was built on the back of the original building in the 1970s with the help of the Michigan Knights of Columbus. As St. Louis Center evolved to caring for adult men and women with I/DD, the relationship between the Knights and the Center continues.  Today, thanks to the support of the MI K of C, and assisted living program for men and women has been created in Fr. Guanella Hall for those with increased special needs.

Thank you Michigan Knights for all of your support!

K of C MI State Council
K of C, Our Lady of Mount Carmel #8902
K of C Cardinal O’Hara Assembly #489
K of C Father Edwin A Fisher Council #4354
K of C Irish Hills Council #6223
K of C Christ the King Council #13360
K of C, Fr. Edmund Battersby, No. 7586
K of C, Fenton Council, No. 7418
K of C, Fr. Maurice Veryser Council, No. 13810
K of C, Msgr. Clement H. Kern, No. 8284
K of C Bishop Zaleski Co #6687
K of C, Fr. F.B. McCormick , No. 7545
K of C, Anchor Bay Council # 5981
K of C St. John Neumann Council #16169
K of C St. Maximillian Kolbe #6549
K of C Fr. Baumgartner Co #5452
K of C, Saint Louis Guanella Council #3092
K of C Father J.Leo McCann #7304
K of C, St. Patrick White Lake No. 13319
K of C, John Cardinal Dearden Council #744
K of C All Saints – Memphis #10501
St. John Fenton Assembly #2031
K of C, St. Mary Star of the Sea #9301
K of C, St. Joseph Council, No. 8113
K of C Duns Scotus Council #14928
K of C, St. Lawrence Council, No. 2950
K of C, St. Francis of Assisi No. 8989
K of C Dexter Council #2959
K of C, St. Francis of Assisi Council No. 4401
K of C, Fr. Daniel A. Lord Co., No. 3959
K of C, Our Lady of Victory Council #5446
K of C, St. Isidore Council, No. 7200
K of C, Msgr. Hunt Council, No. 3312
K of C Father John R. Day #2659
K of C, St. Patrick Council, No. 3129
K of C, Msgr. John Eppenbrock, No. 3615
K of C Msgr. David N. Stotenbur Council #7237
K of C Divine Mercy Council #14883
K of C, St. Michael’s Council No. 7311
K of C, St. Athanasius Council, No. 7571
K of C, Fr. Gerald F. Chapman Council, No. 13516
K of C, St. Stanislaus Kostka, No. 8858
K of C Edward Cardinal Mooney Co #3577
K of C, St. Augustine Cathedral No. 15439
K of C, Fowlerville Council, No. 8605
K of C St. Johns Council #3281
K of C, Sacred Heart Council, No. 13475
K of C Detroit Council #305
K of C Fr. John A. Kenna Council #11430
K of C, Holy Trinity Council, No. 15548
K of C St. John Vianney Council #11772
K of C, Fr. Patrick J. Cullinane #8710
K of C, Old St. Patrick Council, No. 10963
K of C, Father Louis P. Gauthier, #10170
K of C, Fr. Robert W Davey Council, No. 8808
K of C, Holy Spirit Council, No. 7585
K of C, Fr. Charles Phillip Co., No. 7717
K of C Sacred Heart of the Hills #8659
K of C, Knights of Immaculata No. 8820
K of C, St. Francis of Assisi, No. 7945
K of C, St. Luke the Evangelist No. 7338
K of C, St. Philip Neri/St. Anne Council, No. 12660
K of C Dr. Thomas A. Dooley #5492
K of C, Prince of Peace Council No. 15337
K of C, Our Lady Queen of Peace, #4556
K of C, St. Anthony of Saranac #11113
K of C, St. Louis De Marillac, No. 8186
K of C, Fr. Patrick O’Kelley No. 3860
K of C, St. Mary Mystical Rose No. 7561
K of C, Swartz Creek Council, No. 6694
K of C, St. Clement of Rome Council #7018
K of C, St. John The Evangelist #8392
K of C George F. Monaghan #2690
K of C Bishop Kevin M. Britt Council #13526
K of C St. Peters of Douglas Council #8687
K of C, Fourth Degree, St Mary of the Lake Assembly #2804
K of C Bernard P. O’Brien Council #3956
K of C Archbishop Fulton Sheen #7444
K of C Fr Adelbert Narloch Assembly #1711
K of C, Holy Spirit Council, No. 7891
K of C, St. Andrew Council, No. 6674

The MI K of C State Convention is an annual event that brings together over 1,000 members of the state organization on an annual basis during Memorial Day weekend at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island. The convention provides the Knights with a chance to select new leadership every year, and for delegates to celebrate their successes from the past fraternal year. This year’s non-profit presentation allowed Fr. Enzo to thank the hundreds of Michigan Knights that support St. Louis Center throughout the year through twice yearly MI Drives and other fundraising methods. It was also important to thank Bill and Mary Beth Chasse’, who have been active supporters of St. Louis Center through the years, and in particular during his time as State Deputy from 2018-2020.

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