Laura Rayer, Activities Coordinator

Most of us have gathered up stuff and saved it for some purpose that we are unaware of, keeping it just incase we need it. When we find too many collections of stuff we often struggle to part with it or figure out how to put it to good use.

Thanks to Pinterest and countless creative individuals, some of those odd collections can be turned into fun craft projects.

Have you ever bought new socks or tights that come with that stiff paper inside to make the packaging appealing? What do you do with that piece of paper? Recycle it? Save it? How about donate it? Someone did just that, they saved those sock inserts and then donated them to St. Louis Center.

Women with Snowman craft projectsNow what on earth would SLC possibly need all of those paper sock inserts for? Thankfully, Laura Rayer is on staff to provide meaningful activities for the residents several days a week. She not only enjoys doing crafts, but she is also very creative in coming up with craft ideas. When the stack of sock inserts were donated, Laura looked at them and she looked outside, and then she said, SNOWMEN! She helped the ladies of Mike’s House create their own snowmen in the comfort of their warm home.

They all enjoyed the activity and ended up with a cute craft to brighten up the gray winter days. So if you are clearing out some saved up craft items, consider Laura and her creative crafts at St. Louis Center.

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