“Who’s your team?” was the talk of the town for the week before the Super Bowl.

The Big Game Equals Big Fun!

Gathering in the gym or in their homes, all residents felt the excitement of the biggest NFL football game of the year on Sunday, February 13th. Each team was represented by fans from both the residents and staff. Cheering, eating, and playing games as a group was a fun time, but nothing beats the comradery of the residents.

Football Activities Galore

Not every resident enjoys watching a football game, so of course there were activities ready for everyone. Bean bag toss, coloring activities, and throwing the old pig skin around were optional activities that residents could participate in.

Pizza dinner was served in residents home to start the festivities of the big game. Then, residents gathered in front of the screen to listen to the National Anthem and wait for the kickoff. Excitement filled the air as the ball went back and forth, and the score remained close.

Help keep the game alive!

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