Matthew was excited for Direct Care supervisors Mellinda Wilson and Carlie Hartwick to try some of the spooky treats created by the residents for the day program Bake-Off.

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Stories of Inspiration:  Resilience

It has been a year of many challenges for everyone. This month we begin a series of stories about St. Louis Center residents, staff, family, and community members and how they used their determination to succeed and move forward.

Meet Mattias!  Navigating life since COVID has proven that life doesn’t always get easier, we get stronger and more resilient. SLC residents have especially felt the strain over the past nearly two years as life changed before their eyes.  School, work, social time, and visits from those outside the Center stopped.  The SLC residents not only rose to the occasion, but they also showed exactly hos resilient and strong they are!  Read more here…


Highlights from this Issue
21-11 News p2 Summer of FunSummer of Fun 21-11 News p3 New Level of LearningNew Level of Learning 21-11 News p4 Help from FriendsHelp from Friends
21-11 News p5 Events to Attend

Events to Attend

21-11 News p6 Peek at Progress

Peek at Progress

21-11 News p7 A Saint for a Decade

A Saint for a Decade


Update on Covid-19 Mitigation at St. Louis Center

All individuals who received the Pfizer, Moderna or J&J vaccines are eligible for a booster injection now, if it has been at least 6 months since their second injection. People who have underlying health conditions, such as diabetes or high blood pressure, are over 65 or work in an environment which has a high risk of exposure are encouraged to seek out a booster at their local health
department or pharmacy.  Read more here…

From Fr. Enzo

From Fr. Enzo...In the last issue of the St. Louis Spirit newsletter I mentioned that we were moving forward. Since then the former children’s houses have been licensed as Adult Foster Care (AFC). They are fully functional and offer opportunities for more independent living arrangements. Some of the residents, after shopping, cook their own meals, and, under the supervision of the direct care professionals, clean their house.

SLC is still committed to offering benevolent care to those individuals who don’t have the financial resources for their stay at the Center due to family financial constraints or who don’t qualify for public assistance… Read more here…

Click here to read the Fall 2021 issue of St. Louis Spirit!

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