Safe and Loved – A Place to Call Home

Ken Merriman’s mother, Joyce, tells her joy from finding Ken’s future at St. Louis Center

Since January of 2018, my son Ken has called St. Louis Center home—and we couldn’t be happier.

At St. Louis Center, he goes to church regularly. And he gets to join in activities and go on outings. But best of all, the staff take great care of him. They take him to his doctor appointments. They know that he likes strawberry shakes. It’s not like a school or institution, it’s home. I know he likes it, too, because he tells me so.

You want your kids to have a happy home and I know he has that here. It’s a huge comfort to know Ken has a future at St. Louis Center.

Ken is one of more than 70 adults and children with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) who live at St. Louis Center. Here, they have a safe place to explore, learn and grow and where each person’s dignity is valued and protected.

For more than 60 years, our commitment has been to provide a warm, caring, and secure home far into the future. We are currently working to build St. Louis Guanella Village to meet residents’ needs, but must also meet our operational needs each day.

Beyond the cost of reimbursement, St. Louis Center must raise an additional $5,593 or more each day to care for the residents. That amounts to $78 per resident per day.

Please make a donation today and know that you have helped give the precious gift of a life filled with dignity, caring and hope!