SLC residents at aquariumMost of the St. Louis Center residents had never visited an aquarium. Luckily there is one not too far away, so the Day Program staff decided to organize a trip. All of the residents were excited to make the journey to Great Lakes Crossing Mall in Auburn Hills MI July 13th to visit Sea Life Michigan Aquarium.

I liked watching the fish swimming around especially while I was in the viewing tank. I really felt like I could be swimming with them.  -Cathy

People gazing into a fish tank

Seeing the fish was astounding; all they could do was  just look with awe as the graceful creatures swam through the tanks.

Man touching sea creaturesThe aquarium features tunnels and viewing bubbles that allowed the residents to feel like they were actually living amongst the sea creatures. There are also opportunities to meet rescued sea turtles and visit the touch pool where some of the sea creatures live.  Residents were able to touch sea stars watch them moving about on their many tubular feet. they were able to touch the colorful and sicky sea flowers – sea anemones and other exotic creatures.

The experience was moving for the staff members that accompanied the residents. They were so serene while watching the fish swimming, as if the fish had a calming effect on each resident.

The visit was topped off by lunch in the mall’s food court and a short walk to see some of the giant Lego creations around the mall property.

My favorite part was touching the fish. Oh, and shaking hands with Peppa Pig.   – Ray

I was happy there. I touched a sea anemone, it felt like noodles and it tickled me. I’d really like to go there again…   -Albert

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