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St. Louis Center

What We Offer

Older Adults

The program for older adults embraces a philosophy of care that promotes independence, dignity, and a full, rich life experience. Services are designed to help men and women age-in-place with dignity, independence, and compassion, yet always with the assistance or supervision with daily activities that may be needed.

older-adults-2.jpgOlder adults reside at Fr. Guanella Hall for Assisted Living which is divided into two wings: Our Lady of Providence for women and Fr. Guanella Hall for men.

To be eligible for admission into either Fr. Guanella Hall or Our Lady of Providence, an individual must have a diagnosis of intellectual/developmental disability and cognitive impairment that significantly impairs life skills in the following areas: self-care; expressive/receptive language; learning; mobility; ability to make healthy personal decisions; and the ability to relate to others in a positive way.

Areas assessed for admission include: feeding; bathing & hygiene; movement/ambulatory issues; mental health status; social domain.

We offer the following services to adults entrusted to our care:

  • Assessment 
  • Development of Person-Centered Plan 
  • Basic and preventive health care services; medication management; regular follow-up with residents’ medical providers 
  • Referrals and transportation to specialized behavioral, medical, and mental health services 
  • Emotional and spiritual support 
  • Programs that build body, mind, and spirit 
  • Life skills development 
  • Job placement and retention services; transportation to and from places of employment 
  • Transportation to work, school-based extracurricular activities, volunteering, special events, field trips, home visits for family integration, medical and dental appointments, and other activities 

Length of stay varies and is based on residents' needs. Families of residents who reside at St. Louis Center are encouraged to visit and remain in their loved ones' lives. Families and friends are welcome to visit during reasonable visiting hours.