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What We Offer

Take Root Gardening

Take Root Gardening.jpgThe goal of Take Root is to help enrich the lives of participants by engaging them in the process of designing, planting, and maintaining flower and vegetable gardens on the beautiful grounds of St. Louis Center. The program is led by staff members who engage participants from the beginning to the end of the growing season in maintaining the Tranquility perennial garden and the Vegetable Garden, along with smaller gardening beds and raised boxes located on the campus.

Gardening at St. Louis Center intends to help participants:

        • Experience the joy of gardening 
        • Develop an appreciation for nature 
        • Learn basic plant science 
        • Learn the importance of preparing soil, mulching, and weeding 
        • Experience the beauty and satisfaction of watching flowers, herbs, shrubs, and vegetables grow 
          • Build their self-confidence