St. Louis Center


How to Apply

If you wish to consider having your loved one reside at St. Louis Center, we begin with an interview and evaluation to determine if we have the capability to provide the care he or she requires and programs that address his or her needs. We encourage family members and guardians to visit in order to meet our staff and see what we do and how we do it. Please contact our Social Work Department using the SLC Resident Application Form below or call us at (734) 475-8430. A typical admission, from time of inquiry to admission, usually takes two to three weeks, although this process can be accelerated in the case of an emergency placement.

After the initial interview, application materials must be completed by the applicant and additional information will be sent to the applicant from St. Louis Center. Upon admission, the new resident will be assigned to one of our social workers, and will work with a team to develop his or her unique program and individual goals.

Print the St. Louis Center Resident Application Form and mail or fax your application to St. Louis Center.