St. Louis Center


Financing a Residential Stay

finacing-a-stay.jpgResidential services can be extremely expensive, but there are typically several sources of funds available to individuals and families to assist in defraying these costs. Determinations on placement costs are made on a case-by-case basis and are dependent upon resident needs and abilities. The average cost of stay at St. Louis Center can exceed $6,000 per month depending on services needed.

Typically, Social Security benefits are utilized in combination with either private insurance or Medicaid to cover the costs of residential services. It is important to know how the Department of Health & Human Services works when beginning this process, as applying for Medicaid in the wrong county can place substantial barriers in the path of securing desired services.

St. Louis Center staff stand ready to assist families and individuals in navigating the various agencies to secure funding for services, whether you end up choosing St. Louis Center or another agency for your residential needs.