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What We Offer

Nursing Department

The St. Louis Center nursing staff is the fuel that powers the agency. The medical needs of the residents are varied and can be extensive, making St. Louis Center all the more blessed to have compassionate medical staff who care deeply about every person who walks through their door.Nursing Department.jpg

On a daily basis, the nurses:

  • Oversee medication management, including monitoring of effectiveness and side effects 
  • Check residents when they are ill to determine whether their illness warrants a doctor visit 
  • Respond to medical emergencies and facilitate transportation to local emergency rooms 
  • Liaise with the residents’ medical providers to determine a medical plan that is most effective with the least amount of medications
  • Liaise with the interdisciplinary team at St. Louis Center to review residents’ progress with regard to medical plans. To reach the Nursing Department, contact St. Louis Center.

Fr. David Stawasz, SdC
St. Louis Center Assistant Administrator
Registered Nurse

Debra Markiewicz
Licensed Practical Nurse

Emily Wild
Licensed Practical Nurse