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St. Louis Center

What We Offer

Community Engagement

community-engagement.jpgSt. Louis Center engages with the community on several levels in order to build awareness and promote acceptance.

Welcoming the Community

Over 79% of all adults in Michigan with I/DD reside either with a family caregiver (65%) or alone or with a roommate (14%). St. Louis Center offers them opportunities to attend social events and fitness services at the Center. Community residents pay for fitness classes on a sliding scale. For more information, please contact Caitlin Blomquist, Fitness Specialist, or by calling the Center.

St. Louis Center also welcomes groups of community volunteers to engage with the residents by working with the Program Director, Rick Visel, to organize sports, arts & crafts, barbeques and other activities. For more information, please contact Rick Visel or call the Center.