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St. Louis Center

What We Offer


At the core of St. Louis Center are its services. Providing a home means many things, including building a support system that addresses all aspects of personal well-being. St. Louis Center staff members work with residents' parents, guardians, and case workers to ensure that each resident’s specific needs are met.

All of the residents of St. Louis Center learn to develop their independent living skills. These can include but are not limited to: effective communication; daily living skills such as proper hygiene, doing laundry, and cooking; personal safety; respectful interaction with others and developing healthy relationships; following schedules, and problem-solving.

St. Louis Center also ensures that residents' spiritual needs are met.

Through work with the St. Louis Center Parents’ Association, the Center strives to encourage families to remain an active participant in decision making for their loved one. This group has an impact on the lives of the residents by facilitating various events and fundraising activities as well as providing support to each other as parents and guardians of a person with intellectual and developmental disabilities.