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What We Offer

Fitness for Life

Fitness for Life.jpgFitness for Life is a fitness program developed by St. Louis Center to help children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities achieve and maintain optimal physical health and functional fitness performance, the physiological capacity to perform normal daily activities more safely and independently. Many of the fitness classes take place in the gymnasium, playground & park, and the fitness room in the Life Enrichment Area. During warmer months, off-site fitness field trips also take place.

Fitness for Life offers:

  • Upbeat and fun workouts tailored to participants’ abilities and needs
  • Leg, arm, and core exercises that build muscle and strength
  • Activities that foster sustained cardiovascular exercise
  • Yoga classes 
  • Weekly aerobics classes at the Chelsea Wellness Center 
  • Baseline/follow-up measures of participants’ functional fitness levels 
  • Fitness plans designed for participants at risk for obesity, diabetes, and other related diseases 
  • Wellness support groups and education

Contact Fitness Specialist Caitlin Blomquist for details.


Caitlin Blomquist
Fitness Specialist