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St. Louis Center

What We Offer

Did you know?

Since 1960, St. Louis Center has served over 750 people.


"Seize every opportunity to help one another." St. Louis Guanella

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St. Louis Center is committed to providing residents an environment of care that is safe, a culture that promotes their rights, and one that provides each individual a care plan that ensures a constant focus on strengthening mind, body and spirit.

A Strategic Plan was developed in 2002 and is updated regularly. The progress is reviewed against goals annually. The Strategic Plan is used as a major tool for guiding the development of yearly operational plans and programs for St. Louis Center.

Our faith-based culture promotes a home environment that encourages individual growth so each resident can reach his or her full potential. We are working to develop and expand opportunities available to the residents through the Legacy Project.

St. Louis Center’s continuum of care is provided by an excellent, qualified staff and consists of its services, programs, and spaces & places. At this time we are equipped to provide services to ambulatory individuals only.