St. Louis Center


Did you know?

St. Louis Center works frequently with state and county agencies to assist families in offsetting the financial costs for enrollment of their loved one. 


“Simplicity clarifies the vision to better understanding.”                                                     St. Louis Guanella

Resources.JPGNavigating through available resources for a person with intellectual and developmental disabilities is often overwhelming. How can I afford care, where do I find others in my situation, where can I find a spiritual outlet, and what does that acronym mean are just a few of the questions we receive on a regular basis. To answer these, St. Louis Center has gathered commonly sought after, primarily local resources with which we have either worked with or have heard good things about.

Even if St. Louis Center is unable to provide a home for your loved one or client, we will work to point you in the right direction! Contact us with your questions and we'll try our best.