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Our Mission

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The Servants of Charity Congregation has more than 500 members serving the poor in five continents.

Servants of Charity

St. Louis Guanella founded the Servants of Charity, a religious congregatServants of Charity with background.jpgion of priests and brothers, to carry out his mission of serving the needs of special people and the poor throughout the world. On March 24, 1908, Fr. Guanella and the first confreres professed publicly their vows.

During most of Fr. Guanella’s lifetime, Italy was in a state of political and social unrest. The industrial revolution and the unification of Italy resulted in there being many abandoned, poor people. Often the elderly, sick, and people with disabilities were left to care for themselves. Fr. Guanella took these people in, established homes and founded two religious congregations, the Daughters of St. Mary of Providence and the Servants of Charity, to care for them.

Today, the Servants of Charity carry on the mission of charity in twenty-three countries on five continents. As always, they seek to care for those most in need, bringing hope, love, and dignity to all.