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Our Mission

Did you know?

St. Louis Guanella was canonized in 2011 by Pope Benedict XVI. 

Guanellian Mission Principles

There are four central elements or principles of the Guanellian charism:

The Innate Value of the Human Person: In every human being there exists something more than any one of us can surmise. Every person has an extraordinarily rich reality and even in extreme cases of difficulty, suffering and poverty, there are no “limited persons,” but rather persons with limits. Every person bears a strong desire for continuous development in order to reach his or her full potential. 

The Treasure of the Human Person is his or her Heart: The important value of a person lies not in his or her talents nor professional success, but in his or her emotional expression, capacity for relationships, and commitment to the development of society.

Dignity of the Poor: The person in need reveals the true face of the human being. Each person has dignity and worth.

Family Spirit: The central element of the Guanellian charism is Family Spirit. The “Guanellian House” should transmit warmth and the sense of acceptance that one feels in a family setting.