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Updated April 8, 2020

We have been coping with the Coronavirus on a daily basis at St Louis Center. We have eliminated outside visitors, except for medical personnel. We have canceled all outside therapists, and are doing Zoom meetings with foster care workers, CMH workers, the trauma therapist, and the psychiatrists.

Thirteen residents went home at the beginning of the crisis, and most of them will remain home until the stay at home executive order is lifted. One resident has returned and underwent a three-day quarantine in Taylor hall before he returned to St. Joes.

We have been able to obtain enough hand sanitizer from both Ugly Dog distributer, and our own distributor to ensure that there is ample hand sanitizer on campus. We are requiring all staff to wash their hands before reporting to their units, and again when they get there. Therefore, we are taking temperatures and asking about symptoms every day before they start shifts. We are also doing a wellness screen and temperature check for all the residents.

We have had a number of staff call in sick. We are following the CDC guidelines for health care workers for returning to work.

Thus far, we have had no illness among the residents, and no positive COVID tests among the staff. However, since many health care providers are not seeing patients unless they are in an emergency situation, we are treating all virus-like symptoms as if they are COVID related.

We have established Taylor Hall as a 3-bed isolation unit, in the event that we need to quarantine someone. If a resident that has quarantining at home with family needs to come back, we will utilize Taylor for a 3-day quarantine. We are asking that they not return, however, we also recognize that this is their home, and we know some families just cannot handle their loved one for another month.

As you can imagine, many of the residents, especially the children, are struggling with boredom, and an inability to understand why their normal schedule has been disrupted. We are establishing school schedules for them, working with the Washtenaw County ISD to provide some internet learning.

On the bright side, we have received hundreds of cards and letters from the community encouraging our residents. After proper disinfection, they are distributed among the residents, and those with return addresses are getting cards made to send back to them. In addition, we requested weighted blankets, which have been shown to reduce anxiety and help with sleeping among those residents struggling with those issues. So far, we have been sent 13 blankets. This has been an outstanding show of support from our community.

We are learning a lot from this experience in how the community can come together, even while we stay 6 feet apart.


Deana Fisher, COO
St. Louis Center






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