Finding Her Path

When Hannah Amaro was 15 years old her grandmother started to have health problems. She was struggling with heart issues and was in and out of the hospital. Hannah loved her grandmother dearly and stayed close to her while she was in the hospital, taking note of the care provided by the skilled nursing staff. It was the first time that Hannah thought about it as a career path for herself.

The Journey Begins

After high school, Hannah eventually took a job at an assisted living center in Jackson. The work appealed to her, but she was attracted to the idea of working with persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) when she saw an ad for direct care openings at St. Louis Center. She decided to make the move to become a member of the Center’s staff in August of 2021. 

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Getting on Course

After several months on staff at the Center, Hannah heard about a special program for staff to take Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) training. Her mind went back to the days of being at her grandmother’s side in the hospital and she decided to take the chance and apply for the training.

The Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation and the Anna Botsford Back Fund for Seniors funded a grant for St. Louis Center to offer training to its staff members. The main goal of the grant is to ensure the highest quality of service delivery to the clients as well as to recruit and retain qualified staff members.

It was perfect timing for Hannah. Her grandmother had just passed away and she knew how proud her grandmother would be to know that Hannah was following her dreams. So, she applied and was accepted into the program.

The entire training program was only three weeks long, but since she was still trying to work full time, Hannah felt like she was working double shifts. She attended classes from 9am-3pm Monday through Friday and worked at the Center from 4-10pm. The grant covered all costs for tuition, supplies and even making sure that she was paid for her full 40 hour week. 

Once she completed all of the course requirements, she took the licensing test, which she easily passed, and apply for her CNA license. All of these expenses were also covered by the grant.

Future Laid out

It has now been several months since Hannah successfully became a CNA and she feels that the training has been very beneficial to her day-to-day work at the Center. She has the skills necessary to provide more professional quality personalized care to the residents and to assist them with tasks more easily than she could have before. She doesn’t want to stop there … now more than ever she wants to achieve her goal someday of becoming a registered nurse. In the meantime, she will use her skills to provide top quality care to the people who call St. Louis Center home.

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