Jasmine was the Glow-in-the-Dark Limbo Champ.

Some events come and go quietly, while others become beloved traditions. The Glow Party at St. Louis Center is one such event.

Started by Robin Smith last year as a small gathering, it exceeded expectations and left everyone wanting more. This year, the Center staff, including Kaitlyn on menu planning and Michelle handling community outreach, worked together to make the next Glow Party even better.

Robin took charge of decorating the gym, creating a lively atmosphere with backlights and decorations. She also organized activities like T-shirt painting and face painting to ensure everyone had a glowing experience.

On April 26th, the darkened gym came alive with music, dancing, and games. Residents, their families, staff, and members of the Chelsea community joined in the fun. Highlights of the evening included costume contests and limbo competitions, which drew a competitive crowd.

The St. Louis Center kitchen served up hot dogs and chips, keeping everyone fueled for the festivities. The event was well attended, with over 25 community members joining in the fun.

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