St. Louis Center


Why Support

St. Louis Center must raise $78 per resident per day for a total of ($5,593) beyond the cost of reimbursement to provide for their needs. Costs include:

  • $983 to feed the residents
  • $617 for medical care
  • $552 for utilities
  • $592 for social services and care coordination of the residents

Your donation of $78 will fill the gap in the cost of care for one resident for one day! Give Now!
SLCĀ  is also facing a trend that requires us to explore new and better ways to raise additional support. The great news is that thanks to advance medical and professional care, higher quality lifestyles and better resources, the number of older adults with I/DD has grown significantly over the last few decades. Today, persons with I/DD are living well into their 60s and beyond. However, for persons with I/DD, the aging process begins early. For example, individuals with Down Syndrome can develop dementia in their 40s. So, the level of support needed to provide for our residents with an active and fulfilled life is growing.

In total, we must raise more than $35,000 per adult resident per year to cover the cost of care not covered by reimbursement. We need your help to do this. Please consider a gift today. There are many ways to give.