St. Louis Center


Did you know?

St. Louis Center must raise $5,593 each day to care for our residents. That equals $78 per resident per day. 

Joyce Merriman Story

 A Place to Call Home

IMG_6961.jpgSince January of 2018, my son Ken has called St. Louis Center home—and we couldn’t be happier. Ken lived at home with his dad and me for the early part of his life. We had a big family and he was always doing something with the other kids. He went to High Point School in Ann Arbor and graduated at the age of 25. After that, we looked around for a place where he could be active and out in the community, not stuck at home watching TV. He ended up living in four different residences, but as his physical condition deteriorated, it became harder to get out. He ended up doing so much less and not being able to connect with others.

Having lived just down the road in Manchester, St. Louis Center was a place we were familiar with. I knew from my visits how well people were taken care of and I wanted that for Ken. But by now with him confined to a wheelchair, I wasn’t sure he would be accepted. But to our great relief, they created a space for him.  

I was concerned not only for his physical well-being, but emotional, too. At St. Louis Center, he goes to church regularly. And the staff is so caring and attentive. They had an outing to the zoo, which he loved. They take him to his doctor appointments. They know that he doesn’t like dressing on his salad and that he likes root beer and strawberry shakes. They make sure he does his chores like putting his clothes away. And they make sure his hair is neatly cut. It’s not like a school or institution, it’s home. I know he likes it, too, because he tells me so.IMG_6836.jpg

You want your kids to have a happy home and I know he has that here. My husband passed away a few years ago and I’m not so young anymore, so it’s a huge source of comfort to know Ken has a future at St. Louis Center.

-Joyce Merriman