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St. Louis Guanella Village Dedication: June 2018


On June 12, 2018, many special donors and supporters witnessed the Grand Opening of St. Louis Guanella Village; over 400 people were in attendance.
Wendell Dunbar representing Judith Dow Rumelhart, had this to say about the Towsley Foundation’s support of St. Louis Guanella Village. “The Towsley Family and St. Louis Center (SLC)… favors a vision that no one should be left behind and advocates that every child is a special gift. Every person is different. Every person deserves the opportunity to be happy and healthy without having to satisfy the expectations of others. Congratulations on completing the first phase…and perhaps 100 years from today, families will still be bringing their hopes to your doorstep.”
Christine Lindemann, added, “I’m just thrilled that SLC provides my brother a life that I never could. SLC can drive him to work every day … make sure he goes to the right doctors ... . SLC has the vision and fortitude to build an incredible village like this, to make sure that Todd lives in a community where he is loved and supported ... . I just want to say thank you to everyone who was a part of this ... . And thank you to all of the contributors, because you really have made my life and my brother Todd’s life, so much better.”

“St. Louis Center provides my brother a life that I never could.“ -Christine Lindemann


Since 1960, SLC has been providing residential care for children and adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) such as Down Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, and other disorders. SLC, in its role as a leading provider of services to families with children with I/DD, is building an intentional community. This community provides its residents, families and individuals with I/DD, life-sustaining services and specialized support programs, and insures each resident is comfortable and in a secure living environment. Of critical importance is the need to keep families together, particularly as both the parents and their child age.
In the past, children with I/DD, passed away before their parents but today that is not the case. As a result, many of these children with I/DD, are now without parents to look after them, and are facing a crisis of major proportions. Sadly, those who cannot communicate their plight are shuffled from one place to another. Can you imagine what life would be like if one of your own children had to go through this after you passed away? Someone needs to be their advocate and take responsibility for guiding and supporting these children for the rest of their lives. Meeting this human resource and financial challenge is a huge task. This is where SLC & St. Louis Guanella Village has distinguished itself by stepping forward and addressing this critical need. Phase I of the Village was completed in 2018. Phase II will begin this spring providing a continuum of care for both young and old; thereby giving people with special needs hope for the future. This project is dependent on continued community support – we need your help!


Don Dufek Sr. Wellness Center

—The Dufek Family Connection—

Don Sr. and JimmyDon Dufek, Sr. and his wife Patricia became very involved with St. Louis Center in 1979 when their son “Jimmy” became a resident there at the age of ten. As President of the SLC Parents Association, Don Sr. made a huge impact, and for ten years helped to facilitate many capital projects to improve the lives of the residents. Jimmy’s older brother Bill Dufek remembered that, “Jimmy was fun to be around and loved listening to music; especially Patsy Cline. Jimmy was loved by everyone. As blessed as we all were as a family, our biggest blessing was St. Louis Center and the care they provided to my brother. We will always be grateful for that. We are honored to be involved with the St. Louis Guanella Village project and the new Wellness Center to be named after my dad.”

Help us Build the Don Dufek Sr. Wellness Center

wellness Center renderingThe projected cost of Phase II of this development is $12,000,000. Phase II will include a cluster of homes for adults with I/DD, family homes, and townhouses for independent living. To begin Phase II, a major Ann Arbor donor has proposed a Wellness/Therapy Center that will be named the Don Dufek, Sr. Wellness Center in honor of the major contribution he made to SLC. The Center will be a community gathering place within the Village, and will include a therapy pool, exercise areas, meeting and locker rooms. SLC is grateful for the tremendous support received from the Ann Arbor community in completing Phase I development of the St. Louis Guanella Village. Please help with our Phase II development effort.