St. Louis Center


Legacy Campaign Committee (LCC)

The Legacy Campaign Committee (LCC) has been a vital support group in helping St. Louis Center create St. Louis Guanella Village where persons with and without I/DD can live side-by-side in an intentional community. With their help, we raised $10 million for Phase I of the Legacy Campaign. We are grateful for the help of the following committee members:

LCC Members

  • Co-Chairs: Fr. Enzo Addari, SdC &         Norman Neuman, Jr.
  • Campaign Advisor: Joe Fitzsimmons
  • Andy Abro
  • Percy Bates, PhD
  • William Broucek
  • Gary DesChenes
  • Don Devine
  • Larry Doll
  • Michael Fox
  • Anna Giammarco
  • Judith Greenbaum, PhD
  • Frank Grohnert
  • Melissa Hunt-Sampey


  • Daniel Johnson
  • Willard Johnson
  • Kenneth Klovski
  • Rosolino LoDuca
  • Donald Nadeau
  • Michael Nadeau
  • Tom Nowatzke
  • John Rademacher
  • Fr. Joseph Rinaldo, SdC
  • Fr. David Stawasz, SdC
  • Robert Trudell
  • Rev. William J. Turner, PhD
  • Kenneth Unterbrink
  • Bill Wagner
  • Donald Walker

We are currently assessing the needs for the future development of St. Louis Guanella Village and the overall support of our organization so that we can serve the needs of persons with I/DD well into the future. More information about our next steps will be available soon.