St. Louis Center



The mission of the Legacy Campaign Committee (LCC) is to create a future in which every resident with special needs is provided a continuum of life-long care in a faith-based residential community that provides a safe, comfortable, and family-like environment in which the individual’s right to self- determination and personal decision-making, along with the need for dignity, respect, tradition, and spirituality are honored.

LCC Members

  • Co-Chairs: Fr. Enzo Addari, SdC &                     Norman Neuman, Jr.
  • Campaign Advisor: Joe Fitzsimmons
  • Andy Abro
  • Percy Bates, PhD
  • William Broucek
  • Jerry D’Adamo
  • Gary DesChenes
  • Don Devine
  • Larry Doll
  • Michael Fox
  • Anna Giammarco
  • Judith Greenbaum, PhD
  • Frank Grohnert
  • Lisa Herrick


  • Melissa Hunt-Sampey
  • Daniel Johnson
  • Willard Johnson
  • Kenneth Klovski
  • Rosolino LoDuca
  • Donald Nadeau
  • Michael Nadeau
  • Tom Nowatzke
  • John Rademacher
  • Fr. Joseph Rinaldo, SdC
  • Fr. David Stawasz, SdC
  • Robert Trudell
  • Rev. William J. Turner, PhD
  • Kenneth Unterbrink
  • Bill Wagner
  • Donald Walker