St. Louis Center


Working Here

NiAsia PurdueNiAsia Purdue, Direct Care Supervisor

"I love my job and I love my residents. They are kind of like my family. I resisted becoming a Supervisor at first because I did not have any management experience. But today, I know that the residents really depend on me and also other staff members to give them love and keep them safe. With a caring heart and patience, you can help them succeed and be happy."





Deanna Walkowicz

Deanna Walkowicz,                                          Direct Care Supervisor

"I have liked my job even since day one. After seven years, the people we serve still have a special place in my heart. I always admired my Aunt Sharon who also did similar work; she was so patient and caring. This job certainly does require patience and also dedication. But I am up to it. St Louis Center is beautiful place to live; sometimes I wish I could live here myself."