St. Louis Center


Community Advisory Council (CAC)

The Board of Directors of St. Louis Center has long been supported by its Community Advisory Council (CAC), which is comprised of of lay advisors who assist with financial reporting and development strategies. The CAC meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m.

CAC Members

  • Andrew A. Shmina, Chair
  • Daniel Johnson, Vice Chair
  • Joseph Munie, Treasurer
  • Larry Doll, Secretary
  • Owen Ballow

  • Nancy Graebner
  • Donna Hrozencik, MD

  • Willard Johnson
  • William Lamb, JD
  • George Mallison
  • Kathi Neuman
  • Norm Neuman
  • Tom Nowatzke
  • Kenneth Unterbrink
  • Don Walker
  • William Chasse (MI State Deputy, KofC)

Honorary CAC Members

  • Julie Ballow
  • Marlene Cunningham
  • Jerry D’Adamo
  • Don Doll
  • Joseph Elekonich
  • Paul Frisinger
  • Mary F. Galasso
  • Frank Gronhert
  • Jerry Hammerschmidt
  • Charles H. Koenn
  • Michael Mallinowski
  • Thomas Marcetti
  • Richard McCloy
  • Gloria G. Miller
  • Walter Niemann, DDS
  • Stan Starkey
  • Rev. Dr. William J. Canon Turner
  • Eleanor M. Unterbrink
  • Joseph White
  • Alexander Zangara
  • Patricia H. Zangara
  • Joesph Zilke

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan was developed in 2002 and is updated regularly.  The CAC reviews progress against goals annually.  The Strategic Plan is used as a major tool for guiding the development of yearly operational plans and programs for St. Louis Center.